Selling Gold Jewellery With Pawnbrokers

The UK economy is struggling somewhat at present, and to raise some extra capital more and more people are turning to pawnshops, pawnbrokers, and other online and High Street businesses to sell their unwanted gold jewellery. In this article we look at the role of the pawnbroker in selling your gold jewellery and getting a fair price for it.

Pawnbrokers and pawn shops will accept most forms of gold. Some items will be more valuable for being what they are; for example a rare pen or watch will be worth more than their weight in gold. However the majority of gold object and gold jewellery are as they say 'worth their weight in gold', but no more than that for being a brooch or coin, or other less collectible object.

If you have unwanted gold jewellery or other gold around the house collecting dust it is worth enquiring with a pawnbroker as to its value, you may be pleasantly surprised. You can enquire with most pawnshops and pawnbrokers either through High Street shops or online. Both offer a quick and straight forward way to exchange old jewellery for cash when you need it most.

Pawnbrokers and pawnshops will even accept tangled jewellery that you have no chance of unravelling, single earrings, gold jewellery with broken clasps, stones missing, broken links, and damaged jewellery as well as gold coins, bullion, sovereigns and much more. As the value is in the weight the condition of the jewellery is not usually relevant. Most will even accept dental gold from fillings and false teeth, gold crowns, bridges, and gold caps.

Whether you use an online pawnbroker service or visit one of the many pawn shops which can be found on the High Street of most towns and cities you can expect an above average deal with a competitive price for your gold per gram. Gold prices change almost daily and you need to pick the right time to sell. At the moment gold is selling at a premium, another reason why the number of people choosing to get rid of old gold jewellery has exploded.

It makes sense to sell when prices are high to get the most money possible for your gold, but fluctuations on a daily basis are small so don't let a small drop put you off, just review gold prices again the next day. Chances are they will have at least partially recovered. Of course there is always the potential for gold to quickly lose some of its value and for the market to slow, and you should bear in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to buying and selling precious metals.

Pawnshops and pawnbrokers will also deal in other precious metals such as silver and platinum. Wedding rings and engagement rings will often be sold through pawnbrokers and are not melted down as they will usually be worth more as a rig than their actual weight in scrap metal.

When choosing how to sell your gold jewellery pawnbrokers and pawnshops both online and on the High Street are well worth a visit. They offer competitive rates and quick access to cash.