A Guide to Wearing and Maintaining Jade Jewelry

People who love wearing jade jewelry, here are few ways to help you keep your jade jewelry beautiful and shining for years.

For all those who love antique gemstones, jade are a quality item that is well known ever since pre-historic period. One can find various hues and colors of jade such as blue, pink and emerald; yet, the most common color in jade is green. With the hardness equal to that of quartz, traditionally jade had been used as a weapon during pre-historic time.

With passing time, the popularity of jade also saw an increase and soon it was counted, as a precious stone that soon became the official gemstone of British Columbia. According to legend and folklore, jade was worn in order to attract good fortune, health, wisdom and prosperity along with strengthening the body from various ailments of heart, kidney, thyroid, kidney and liver to name a few.

In case one is planning to buy a new jade jewelry, make sure one knows the basic difference between jadeite, jade and nephrite so as to buy genuine jade jewelry.

While purchasing jade jewelry, one should check whether it is a nephrite or jadeite as the latter is costly and offers wide variety of colors. While choosing a perfect jade, one should watch out for jade with intense colors. However, the darker the hue, the more expensive will be the jewelry. In order to buy a high quality jade, it is essential to go forth with an A grade jade that is untreated with artificial treatments like chemicals and dyes.

And, in case one has jade jewelry, it is essential to take proper care so as to keep it safe and long lasting. It is essential to take appropriate care of jade jewelry in order to keep it in perfect shape. It is essential to keep jade jewelry away from pointed objects as pointed edges can harm jade jewelry and cause change in shape or disfiguration.

Given the fact that jade is a tough gemstone, it is carved with great care and precision so as to give it a perfect shape. For all those who are known to this fact would know how difficult the process is of shaping jade gemstone. In order to shape and carve jade, one has to have aesthetic sense of artistry and creativity so as to create a perfect jewelry.

In order to take perfect care of jade, the best care one can provide jade jewelry is wear it and wash its gem periodically with a soap based mild cleaner that is free from any harsh chemicals. In case, one uses a harsh chemical in order to cleanse jade jewelry, one will harm the jewelry as there is a risk of chemical reaction that can corrode jade and make it lose its sheen forever.

For all those who are looking for perfect tip of maintaining jade jewelry, keep it away from direct sunlight so as to save it from temperature change. In case of bracelets, it is important to keep spacers in order to keep its shape intact. One can get these spacers from jewelers and other gemstone sellers. All these tips will help you in keeping your jade jewelry in perfect shape.